Unlike many other countries, Iceland is rich in natural energy resources. Icelanders are in a position of opportunity and the nation’s commitment to the sustainable utilisation of natural resources could prove fundamental in supporting Iceland’s future prosperity.

Landsvirkjun has the important role of supporting energy generation in harmony with the environment and in consensus with society. The Company only generates electricity from renewable energy sources but the ecosystem and the environment are inevitably affected by our operations. Landsvirkjun must therefore exercise caution and should operate with efficiency, consensus and sustainability as guiding principles.

Landsvirkjun strives to be at the forefront of environmental matters. Our employees seek out solutions in maximising the yield of natural resources whilst monitoring and research projects support increased expertise on natural resources, reducing the risk of any negative impact to the environment, ensuring the positive impact of Company operations.

The value of our expertise became clear during the last year. Landsvirkjun’s reservoir levels were low after a cold and wet summer and our extensive knowledge of the environment made it possible for the Company to respond to these unusual circumstances. Landsvirkjun steered its water resources to maximise their utilisation and mitigation measures at the Hálslón Storage Reservoir prevented sand encroachment in the highland areas.

Potential projects in the near future will be in the northeast of Iceland, at Bjarnarflag and Þeistareykir, both of which have been categorised as ‘appropriate for development’ by the Steering Committee for the Master Plan for Hydro and Geothermal Energy Resources in Iceland. Research indicates that the area offers tremendous potential for geothermal energy utilisation and preparation measures will focus on minimising any negative effects on the environment.

Environmental research is a significant part of all our operations, from the design phase to the operational phase. Landsvirkjun is committed to becoming a leader in renewable energy in Iceland. The efficient utilisation of natural resources, in consensus with society and in harmony with the environment, will enable us to generate power for the future.