Numerical Data & Reports


Landsvirkjun has a great responsibility towards the environment and society. It is therefore essential for the Company to operate in an open and transparent manner. Landsvirkjun is committed to identifying and understanding the environmental impact of its operations and in sharing this knowledge with society. Both internal and external criticism is welcomed by the Company as this supports open discussion and informed dialogue.

Success in environmental matters

Landsvirkjun has published its annual environmental report since 2006. The report gives a detailed account of Landsvirkjun’s environmental management performance including the monitoring of environmental aspects and the Company’s objectives on environmental matters.

The Environmental Report for 2013 is the first report to be published only via the web. Landsvirkjun hopes that sharing the report electronically will increase public access to information on its operations.

Landsvirkjun is committed to honestly and openly sharing data on the Company’s performance in environmental matters.

Landsvirkjun carries out extensive research on the ecosystem, geology, meteorological studies, hydrology, glaciers and many other areas. Research and monitoring is conducted in a large area of the country and the main results are shown in the Company’s Environmental Report.


Numerical data

The numerical environmental data is compiled from Landsvirkjun’s accounting records, human resource system and geothermal database, Landsnet’s database on electricity generation and records on land-use, land-use change and forestry from the Agricultural University of Iceland. The data published are either actual figures or calculated based on measured values and have been reviewed by EFLA Consulting Engineers. The numerical data can be accessed on the page Numerical data.

Landsvirkjun operates according to an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System. The system requires the Company to outline its policies on environmental matters and to identify the potential environmental impact of its operations.


Access to published materials

The Company carries out extensive monitoring and detailed research within the areas affected by its operations. The research is carried out in cooperation with the various universities, research institutes and independent specialists and the results are published in reports released by Landsvirkjun. Most of the reports are available (in Icelandic) via the website and at the Company library. Reports on environmental matters, released by the Company in 2013 can be accessed (in Icelandic) on the page Published Reports

Landsvirkjun hopes that sharing the report electronically will increase public access to information on its operations.

Landsvirkjun’s power stations were open to the public once again this summer and over 23,000 visitors showed an interest in the Company’s operations.


Open and transparent dialogue

Landsvirkjun is owned by the Icelandic state and plays an important role within society. The Company understands the importance of respecting the views and interests of those affected by Company operations and supports open and informed dialogue.

Landsvirkjun is committed to promoting positive communication with stakeholders living in and working in the affected areas of the Company’s power stations. Landsvirkjun’s employees are in good contact with the municipalities and the various associations in each area including angling societies, landowners and tour operators.

Blanda achieved the highest grade of ‘Proven Best Practice’ in communications and consultation, according to the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol.

Blanda achieved the highest grade of ‘Proven Best Practice’ in communications and consultation in the assessment carried out in accordance with the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol. The results of the assessment showed that Blanda meets ‘Proven Best Practice’ on 14 out of 17 topics assessed using the Protocol.

Open meetings have been held in the northeast of Iceland with regard to potential projects at Bjarnarflag and these discussions led to the review of the Environmental Impact Assessment on the geothermal power station project.

Landsvirkjun opened its Annual Meeting and Autumn Meeting to the public this year as part of its commitment to improving communication matters. The meetings were streamed live via the Company website where all materials pertaining to the meeting were made available.